2014 Race Reports

28 September Club Road Championship
Beaconsfield Valley Rd championship 28 Sept 2014 Club Road Champs

Over 50 runners and walkers took part in the 2014 Road Race club championship. There was good competition right through the field with many close finishes.

Boys champion is Benjamin Wall. Girls won by Madison Keightley. Tessa Webb won the Junior Womens trophy and was first woman overall in the 5km in  a PB of 19:39.

Jack Finlay won the Colts. Juanita Paterson the Open Women, Deb Arnold the W50+. Dave Walters convincingly won the trophy this year from Robert Dabb (M50+ champion) and the ever improving Seb Bacchus (M35-49 champion)

21 September Ferguson Rd handicap road race   RESULTS 21 Sept Ferg Rd hcap

Everyone 14 and older was handicapped for the 7.2km circuit. Off go was walker Jim McIntyre, and he put in a solid pace once again of 55:53, under 8 minutes/km, holding his position in the field ahead of everyone except Paul Woodfield 55:09 (off 13 minutes) with 3rd place to Ron Werner 55:58 (off a 22:25 handicap). Backmarker was Dave Walters who also had fastest overall time of the day of 28:23.

Tessa Webb won the womens handicap and also had the fastest time of 31:08. She was followed in by Jodi Marino and Sharon Rawlinson. Second fastest time went to visitor Amy Grundy in 33:00.

The childrens 3km race handicap wins went to Lucy Evans and Benjamin Wall, with both also having the fastest time for their grade.

6th September, Halcombe open handicap race Halcombe  

Results 06 Sept Halcombe hcap
Conditions are rarely as mild as this in early September. Apart from a bit of headwind part way around the 3km country road circuit, this is about as good a day as running can give and we had a good crowd of runners of all ages enjoying the staggered start format to the Open handicap race.

Seb Bacchus defied the handicapper with a great run to win the mens 9km race. Marian Hilder did the same in the Womens 6km, with Catherine Clement just edging out Sharon Rawlinson for the minor placings.

The Boys and Girls 7-13 stepped up in distance to 3km and handled it well. Handicap wins went to Annika Hamilton and Nelson Doolan respectively. While Cooper Hamilton had the fastest overall 3km in 12:12 (4:04/km).

30th August From Mt Lees Reserve, Ngaio Road.

RESULTS: 30 August Ngaio Rd sealed hcap

Fine but windy conditions meant for a tough return journey for this out-and-back road run. Despite signage out and marshalls visible, some traffic seemed to pay scant attention to runners/walkers on the edge of the road, so just means we need to remain vigilant nad keep ourselves safe out there, whether racing together or training alone.

Handicap honours went to Catherine Clement in the womens 4.5km and Brad Pearson for the Mens 7.5km. Benjamin Wall took handicap and fastest time in the boys 2.5km at an excellent pace of 3:33/km. The girls handicap was deservedly won by the improving Ella Keightley, while older sister Madison had the fastest net time. Tessa Webb (14) chased Wendy Cottrell-Teahan (14++) hard for fastest time in the 4.5km, Wendy just getting there in 17:57 from Tessa’s 18:12

23rd August Manawatu Wanganui Road Champs

Wanganui East Club, Wakefield St. RESULTS AMW Road Champs 2014

16th August Club Relays Timona Park – Dropped baton costly?

Eight teams contested a Drop-Off relay. Each team of four had to complete the first 2km lap together, including walking the first 500 metres. At the end of each lap a team member was dropped off, until just one remained for the final lap.

Perry Newburns team came home clear winners – not bad for a bunch who said they were only here for an easy run, including Pat Stichbury who was doing her 95th marathon the following day.

Pat Stichbury 12:15

Perry Newburn 10:10

Perry Newburn 09:56
Dave Walters 08:17
40:38 1st
Layla Duker 13:26
Olivia Rose Gurney 11:59
Jodi Marino 08:47
Rob Dabb 08:01
42:13 2nd
Rachel Webb 14:14
James Webb 09:49
Sean Webb 09:34
Tessa Webb 08:41
42:18 3rd
Jim McIntyre 15:23
Devon Morley 11:29
Brad Pearson 10:17
Chris Smith 08:09
45:18 4th
Mark Thompson 16:14
Taryn Backhouse 11:41
Ash Gurney 09:15
Seb Bacchus 08:35
45:45 5th
Millie Evans 13:52
Jorja Bacchus 13:18
Mark Evans 10:43
Adam Duker 10:33
48:26 6th
Alex Willis 14:55
Lara bacchus 12:25
James Burnside 11:52
Alan Marshall 09:28
48:40 7th=
Lucy Evans 14:32
Reuben Duker 12:30
Charlene Tipene 11:49
Bruce Mulcock 09:49
48:40 7th=

10th August Palmerston North Half Marathon
A clump of Moa’s (what is a group of Moa’s called anyway? ideas?) took part in this event, plus many more in the 5km and 10km

Best Moa was Struan Webb, 5th overall in a time of 1:17:45. Others I noted included:
Ash Phillips 1:31:55 (PB); Juanita Paterson 1:32:10, 2nd woman overall; Rob Dabb 1:32:30 1st M55; Mark Evans 1:35:15; Bridget Harris 1:38:27; Phillipa Harris 1:38:47 (PB); Bruce Mulcock 1:40:11; Peter Turner 1:42:59 (3rd M50); Jodi Marino 1:43:36; Darren Hirschberg 1:45:28 (2nd U16 and first half marathon!); Pat Stichbury 1:47:22 (1st W55); Steve Hirschberg 1:50:54; Kevin Palmer 1:51:36; James Burnside 2:01:34; Sheina Osten 2:14:47 (debut half and under the target of 2:15!)

2nd August Road race, PGG Wrightson Silo Complex

02 August PGG Mt Stewart RR

This 1.8km out and back lap on a private service road was deceptively hard. It was up 10-15m in the first 450m, then straight down again to the half way, so no flat to get settled into. Probably a course where the fittest lasted the best but a few surprises with the Sealed handicaps too.

Grade winners on handicap were:
Boys 7-13: Alex Willis Girls 7-13: Ella Keightley
Colts: Dylan Scott Junior Women: Giorgi van Lienan
Women: Jodi Marino Men: Perry Newburn
Walk: Jim McIntyre completed four laps (7.2km) in 57 minutes
See all results here:

2014 HALCOMBE RELAY 26th July

See here for: 2014 Halcombe Relay           Fastest Run legs: 2014 Halc fastest

Fastest Walk: Leg 1 Peter Zwart (Striders) 31:01; leg 2 M Crooks (Bush) 33:30; leg 3 L Macdonald (Str) 34:29; Leg 4 M Hutchins (Wang.) 28:41; leg 5 Gai-Marie Smart 27:45 (Wang.) – RECORD; leg 6 Smart 30:24

Saturday 19th July – Manawatu Wanganui Cross Country Championship

Held at Bason Reserve, Wanganui. Results here –  2014 Provisional Centre XC Champs

12th July – Port St Road

Race Results here : 12 July Port St Road race
The first club road race of the year was held on the 2.5 kilometre Port St/Churcher st/Roots St/ Pharazyn St circuit. Conditions were ideal for running and this resulted in some great times recorded on the “flat’” even surface following the strength development from cross country running over the past few months.

Some of the younger runners had standout performances. Visitor Reuben Goldingham-Newsom from Hutt Valley Harriers turned in a superb time of 8 minutes 24 seconds (3:22/km) to win the Boys 2.5km from Liam Wall on 9 minutes. Madison Keightley was also impressive, winning the girls 2.5km in 10:10.

In the mixed grade 5km race, 13 year old Sam Phillips took an early lead, and stayed there, finishing in a personal best time of 17:26. He was followed home by David Walters and David Martin, 18:03 and 18:04. Wendy Cottrell-Teahan was the fastest of the women, mixing it well with the men for an 18:58 result from Juanita Paterson in 19:19.

28th June Feilding Moa Cross Country Champs

Full results: 28 June 2014 Moa XC champs
The Cross Country Championships had a great turnout – our farmer hosts Richard and Margaret Brown were slightly stunned with the number of vehicles which overflowed the usually generous parking area into the next paddock. Rain had disappeared for the afternoon but we did face a cool stiff southerly wind for the first kilometre or so of the 3.3km lap.

Club Champions were found and congratulations to Madison Keightley (G7-13), Benjamin Wall (B7-13), Jaimee Leader (Jun.Women), Jack Finlay (Jun.Men), Wendy Cottrell-Teahan (Women) and Shane Reed (Men).

Congratulations also to age group winners Juanita Paterson (MW35-49), Shirley Fotheringham (MW50+), Dave Walters (MM35-49) and Andy Martin (MM50+). Full results including Sealed handicaps

21st June 2014 Moa’s at NZ Secondary School XC
Held at Massey University, Palmerston North. Conditions were fine with increasing wind strength for the senior races and tacky underfoot.

Year 9 girls 3km: 31 Tessa Webb 12:13
Year 9 boys 3km: 35 Dineth Rajapakse 10:50, Adam Martin 11:13
Junior Girls 3km: Silver Medal, Zia Macdermid 10:40, 30th Gorgi van Leinan 12:17
Senior Girls 4km: 16 Lizzie Stannard 17:26, 24 Jaimee Leader 17:55, 81 Gorgie Miller-Thevenard 19:51, 112 Raquel Lopez-Lozano
Senior Boys 6km: 91 David Martin 24:52, 117 Carlos Lopez-Lozano 25:37, 138 Jack Finlay 26:13, 149 Bryce Hirschberg 26:48, 172 Darren Hirschberg 28:17
AWD 2km: 4th Renae Hartley 10:34

7th June Vautier Cups Cross Country, Colyton

Full Results: 07 June 2014 Vautiers results

Another top day for cross country running, 52 years since the first run on the Vautier farm. Tough courses like this often favour the more experienced runners, however with a few races behind us this far into the season everyone looks to be on the improve. So this week several of the grades saw winners from the normally slower end of the packs. Format was Open Handicap (staggered starts). See RESULTS

The Senior Men were competing over 10km for the Stanley Kitchen Memorial Cup. A glance of the names inscribed on the trophy show that host farmer Reg Vautier won it on at least three occasions, 1974, 1984 and 1995. Peter Turner won it in 2012 after being pipped by just 2 seconds by Kevin Palmer the year before. Current Club Patron Bruce Wilson was top dog in 1962, while club president Bruce Mulcock was the winner in 2008. The 1963 winner was Roger Woodruffe (then 19 years old). And 51 years later this now 69 year old Awahuri farmer has once again taken the trophy home. That must be some kind of record!

Also off 11 min 50 sec handicap with Roger was Brad Johnson. He hung in with Roger but found he couldn’t match him for speed on the uphill stretch, but did turn in a good run to take second. Fastest time was Tom Francis in 40:12 from Shane Reed 42:36.

Alex Willis and Lucy Evans relished the hills to come away clear winners in the boys and girls 7-13. Fastest times for the 2.5km lap were Benjamin Wall 10:04 and Sam Phillips 10:06. Madison Keightley was the fastest girl in 12:49 from first-up runner Emma Leader, 13:11.

Raewyne Hyde’s handicap 0f 9 min 25 sec saw her start with most of the other women in “chasing” mode for the 2 lap (5km) race. Bridget Harris (off 17:30) and Tammy Reed (20:30) chased valiantly but Raewyne held them of by 27 seconds to win the Womens trophy. Less than one minute separated the first five women. Tammy had the fastest time of 23:36 from Juanita Paterson 24:28

Jaimee Leader in the Juniors had the fastest overall 5km time of all the women in 22:47, but on handicap was second to Tessa Webb.

Saturday 31 May Hughes Memorial Cross Country races, Hawera

Feilding Moa had 20 runners from 5-69 years competing at Hawera. A really good event put on by Hawera Harriers with participation from clubs throughout the lower North Island. Hughes memorial results.

Saturday 17th May Blueridge farm cross country

Sealed handicap racing for all ages. FULL RESULTS updated 19/5/14: 17 May Blueridge results

The underfoot conditions are getting gradually softer, but we continue to be blessed with fine and sunny conditions for our club days. Around 100 people took part with several new members signing up, taking full club membership year to date to around 120.

Blueridge was a new course, and most would say was the toughest challenge so far this season (you ‘aint seen Vautiers yet). However there was some fantastic performances all round.

Fergus Doolan put in another gutsy improved performance to take out the sealed handicap win. Ben Wall and Sam Phillips continued their head to head battles, this time Ben just out sprinting Sam by 1 second on the line. There times of 8:22 and 8:23 were excellent for the course – they would have been leading the Senior Men on the first lap.

Kate Wasley was obviously in her element on the hilly course, winning the sealed handicap. Fastest time went to Madison Keightley in 10:50 from Olivia-Rose Gurney.

The depth of womens running continues to impress. We had 18 taking part and a new “leader” this week with Tammy Reed running the fastest time just 7 seconds ahead of Wendy Cottrell-Teahan. Wendy won the sealed handicap.

The combined Mens and Junior race started with some exciting spirited running as the athletes competed to get to the first gate and the narrow sheep track portion of the course after 400 metres. A sharp uphill soon spread the field, however Colt,, Jack Finlay wasn’t to be overawed as he took it to well performed triathletes Tom Francis and Shane Reed to lead through the first 1.5km or so. Reed did eventually get to the front and lead through to the finish. Finlay held off a good challenge over the last lap from David Martin to win the colts section, finishing in a time of 27:21 from Martins 27:29 for the 6.6km route.

On sealed handicap, Karl Werner won the colts and Chris Smith defeated a number of contemporaries to take the mens sealed handicap.

Results and report 10th May 2014, Banner Farm cross country

Location: Banners Farm, end of Junction Rd West, Halcombe
Distances: 1km (mini’s) 2.5km for 7-13’s, 5km juniors and women, 10km Men

Minimoa and Boys/Girls results: 11 May Banner Children Results

Women, Junior and Men’s results: 11 May Banners Men_Women Results

This was the second of our Open Handicap cross country races, and there was a great turnout of around 110 (the highest turnout at a Feilding Moa club event in my 16 year involvement , Rob)

The following trophies were won:
Boys, B Wilson Cup: Alex Willis
Girls, Iplex Cup: Taryn Backhouse
Junior women, Lind Cup: Tessa Webb
Colts: Towyn Jones Shield: Karl Werner
Men, Aussie Thomas Cup: Andy Martin

Race Report
Colts 5km: Karl Werner just managed to hold out new member, Jack Finlay on the line to win the Towyn jones Shield for colts. Finlay however had the fastest time among the colts for the 5km of 19 minutes 26 seconds from David Martin 19:47

Mens 10km: There was more drama in the Mens 10km chase for the Aussie Thomas Cup. Peter Blackwood, the handicapper had set up a near perfect finish. Shane Reed started on a 24 minute handicap and steadily sliced his way through the field ahead of him. However Andy Martin (off 16:40) held a 9 second buffer by the end and Ron Werner (off 8:50) also managed to keep a stride ahead, relegating Reed to a well earned third spot. His 36:38 was the fastest time among the men from Paul Wasley on 42:01 and Rob Dabb 43:29

Boys 7-13, 2.5km: The Bruce Wilson Cup for Boys 7-13 was won by a first season runner, 8 year old Alex Willis of Ashhurst. In fact Ashhurst affiliated boys filled the first four places. Fastest overall time went to Sam Phillips in 9:18, four seconds only from Ben Wall on 9:22. They look to have a good season of keen rivalry ahead which can only improve each of their running.

Girls 7-13, 2.5km: The Iplex Cup for girls was won by a delighted Taryn Backhouse who was heading home to proudly place it on the mantelpiece.

Junior Women 5km: The smallest field of the day, but not lacking in quality. Running in the same race as the women and colts over 5km, Tessa Webb held out a top quality run from new member Jamiee Leader to win the Lind Cup on handicap. Webb’s net time of 23:21 and Leader’s 20:05 were the fastest run of all the women.

Womens 5km; The womens race looked to be Catherine Clement’s for the taking with 600m to go, however a strong finish from the more experienced Shirley Fotheringham saw her sneak ahead by 25 metres at the finish to win maximum handicap points on the day. (no Trophy for the women today Shirley)

3rd May Rotorua Marathon and Stuff
In the past two weeks Moa’s (and ex-Moa’s ) have been seen all over the country clocking up miles in races.

Two weeks ago Nick Johnston (now at Whenuapai) won the 40km Cape Brett Challenge then one week later ran a new PB at the Rotorua Marathon of 2:38.57. Some members will remember Russell Lake who ran with us up until around 10 years ago. Russell, now with Tauranga Ramblers recently won the NZ 100km title in Christchurch with a time of 7 hour 51 minutes. I ran my calculator over that it is equivalent to 4:42/km or a couple of 3:19 marathons plus 15km more. While In the deep south Dave Walters did the Routeburn Classic in4:10:58.

last Saturday, 3rd May,while 50+ Moa’s enjoyed the Tangi-MOA-na beach and forest packrun quite a few Moa’s were receovering from the Rotorua Marathon. Results I’ve found (chip time) are:
Matthew Schipper 358.12, Debra Arnold 4:12.03, Jenny Bond 4:16.29 (first one?), Steve & Cheryl Hirschberg 4:28.18; the 4:30 Balloon lady (Pat Stichbury) 4:29.20 with the balloons, James Burnside 5:28:08. In the Half Marathon, congratulations to Tracey Gurney on doing her first one and in 2:42.40. Darren Hirschberg did the quarter marathon in 46.11.

Below is a race report Steve Hirschberg provided:

“Cheryl and I did Rotorua Marathon on Saturday. Cheryl originally came from there and was talked to as a kid by Jack Foster who won it back in the 60’s. Cheryl had always said she wanted to do it. only took 50 years!!

I ended up with injured calf last week but amazingly with physio, voltarin, antiflam cream managed to make the start line. We were slower then we hoped for at 4-30but managed a negative split. It took us 4 mins to get over the start line but awsome running and finishing together. ( the gun time was 4;32 but the chip time which records when you actually crossed the line got you at 4:28 actual run time – Rob)!

It was such an incredible feeling running with so many people and the supporters the whole way round is something I will never forget. I can see why people go back for 2nds. I see Feildings Marathon is the 60 th this year so you will need to remind me to think about entering.

26th April Woodruffe Cups Cross Country race
Recent warm rain meant the first handicap cross country race of the season had good underfoot conditions. Over 90 people took part in this years event, from 4 year old to 70. We had a dozen or so visitors from the Sweat7 triathlon training group coached by Sam Warriner; shown in the results with a (v) beside their name.

Results: 26 April Woodruffe Cup

Woodruffe Cups were awarded this year to the fastest time per grade. Qualifying standards were (a) paid up as a member; and (b) had run in one of the previous two qualifying races at Timona Park

Congratulations to the following Cup winners:
Boys: Tyler Hodson
Girls: Madison Keightley
JW: Tessa Webb
JM: David Martin
Women: Juanita Paterson
Men: Alan Marshall

Click here for Woodruffe RESULTS which are firstly in order of actual run time. The Comments column shows the Handicap finishing time with the number in brackets e.g (4) being the handicap placing. This applies only to those who had done one of the earlier qualifying runs.

On handicap, there were some close finishes; first season runner,Brad Pearson, won the Mens handicap by 5 seconds with Peter Turner closing fast and only 40 seconds between 4th-8th.

25th April ANZAC Relays, Wanganui
Feilding Moa had two teams in the relay. Still awaiting official placing (but we weren’t on the podium)

Captains team: Rob Dabb 7:59; Forbes Kennedy 9:43; Liam Wall 7:45; Ben Wall 7:39
Presidents Team: Sheina Osten 10:55; Bruce Mulcock 8:59; Hunter Kennedy (just 6 1/2 years) 9:44; Alan Wall 12:50.

In the Childrens Open races; 9 and Under, Forbes was 1st and Hunter 2nd. While Ben won the 2km from Liam.

19 April 2014Timona Park

Different conditions to a fortnight ago at the same venue (rain during the week and not so stifling hot), lead to many runners beating the earlier performance. RESULTS 19 April Timona

12 April Report
Feilding Moa Harrier Club runners at the Great Forest running event at Waitarere showed the way in the Marathon and Half Marathon.

In the marathon former club member and Feilding local, Nicole Goldsmid, stepped up to the marathon distance in fine style, being third overall and first woman in 3:03:53. Matthew Schipper (3 hours 42 minutes) was second in the 50-54 years of age grade, whilst David Walters (3:43) completed his preparation for an assault on the Routeburn Classic off-road event with victory in the 40-44 grade. Other Moa marathoners included Patricia Stichbury (4:10), Debra Arnold (4:23) and Perry Newburn (4:45).

Club member Shane Reed was the overall victor in the half marathon in 1:21:44. Tracy Neilsen was fourth woman in 1:36:29, followed by other club members Mark Evans (1:38), Bruce Mulcock (1:44), Kevin Palmer (1:45) and Peter Griffin (1:47). In the 10km event Kristie Hyde returned from injury to run 48:13, Phillipa Bedlington 50:37, Sheina Osten 59:47, Raewyne Hyde 1:05:20, Charlene Tipene 1:06:20, Jim McIntyre 1:39:49 (walk)

In the 5 km event, Benjamin (17.57) and Liam Wall (18.33) were second and third while Bradyn Popow ran an equally impressive 21:05 for a youngster. Paul Woodfield 29:38; Fiona Roberts-Wall completed her first 5km run for some time in 31:37 as preparation for her first cross country run soon.

Saturday 5th April at Timona Park

Fantastic turnout for the Opening Run from returning and new members. Over 70 people ran or walked the course with a good mix of age, gender and ability.

Results: 5 April Timona
2014 March Fun Run/Walk Series Results
We had over 60 people at the third of the run/walk series on 27 March. And around 90% ran or walked their best out of the three weeks. Great to see many families out with kids of all ages doing 2.5km and even a few 8 year olds doing a whole 5km.

We had new “records” for the 5km and 2.5km with Steffan Wong again dominating the 5km in 18 minutes 10 seconds and Benjamin Wall finishing the 2.5km in a very fast time of 8 minutes 25 seconds (3:22/km). Benjamin was 2nd in the Wellington Children’s champs the previous weekend in the 800m. His time of 2:12.0 was 7/100 behind the winner and both of them broke the previous best 12y.o. time set in 1996 by Nick Willis

Juanita Paterson, fresh from winning the woman’s section of the Bush Half Marathon on 22 March was the best of the women over 5km in 19:41. The barefooted Cooper Hamilton matched her stride for stride, running 2 minutes better than his previous