13 June Bluebridge Farm XC

See full results here: 13 June Blueridge XC Results (revised)

A windy day (which got windier by the minute) and soft ground conditions made for a testing cross country circuit. A last minute course amendment to work around the farmers livestock resulted in a slightly longer lap of 2.3km compared to the advertised 2.2km.

13 June_renae

Cheryl Hirschberg (2nd in Womens 6.9km) finishes her three laps, while Renae Hartley smiles at the instruction to do one more lap


Mini-moas were also stretched a little further today at around 1.2km and all 9 of them handled it superbly. In 2 weeks time the Mini’s will step up to 1.6km at the Club Champs.

The Sealed Handicap format tends to reward those runners best able to run their own race and push it along even if there are not many around them to spur them. The boys race was extremely close, with wins to Nelson Doolan by just 1 second over Angus Paterson. And only 10/11 seconds back to Lucas Reed and Reuben Duker. The girls race saw the second win in a row to Lara Bacchus, followed by Jessie Coxon then a deadheat for 3rd on handicap between Alice Meta and Bella Ives (Bella with fastest time overall of 12:42).

Tamara Reed ran fastest time in the Womens 6.9km and Juanita Paterson managed the conditions best to win the sealed handicap from Cheryl Hirschberg. In the Mens race, Shane Reed was fastest overall, and sealed handicap win went to Dave Walters.

Dorne Cup, Trentham, top ten finishes

We had three members competing and came away with three top ten results. Also very windy there, which affected times. Unlike Track running, where athletes try to set personal best times, cross country times are really only relevant to the specific day as conditions can be so different one year to the next. It’s more about the race, as all competitors face the same conditions.

Liam Wall was 5th in the BU13 3000m, 11:58. Benjamin Wall 2nd in the BU15 3000m, 11:20. Niam Macdonald 7th in the MU20 4000m, 14:12

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