14 May Blueridge Farm XC Race

RESULTS here in handicap finish order: 14 May 2016 Blueridge Farm

Record numbers took part at Blueridge Farm on Mt Stewart Halcombe Rd. Club Captain Robert Dabb said over 110 people from 4 years old to 72 participated in the various race distances.

The races were conducted as Open Handicap, meaning each athletes start time was based on past performances and the fastest runners starting last would need to pass everyone in front if they were to win.

The boys and girls 7-13 years race of 2.15km saw Layla Duker hold on to gain her very first win in 19 minutes 1 second from Angelia James and Eden Duker. both recorded on 19:23. Fastest time went to the steadily improving Lucy Evans in 10:21; handing Bella Ives her first defeat this season, being second fastest in 10:29.

The boys handicap was won by Evan McIntyre of Hunterville from Matt Mckenzie and Nelson Doolan. Fastest time was Liam Wall in 8:41 from Doolan 9:20.

Junior women did two laps, 4.3km and were contesting the Janine Wasley Memorial Cup, a trophy donated in memory of a past member who died tragically in car accident in her teens. It was won by Tessa Webb. Webb also had the fastest time of 18:20, followed by an equally impressive run of 19:36 from 12 year old Ashleigh Gunn.

The Colts also did 4.3km. Handicap honours went to Sam Phillips and he also had the fastest time of 17:24, but just one second faster than Benjamin Wall. These two will meet again at the Manawatu Secondary School cross country championships later this week.

Junior men (18-19 years) were represented only by Davyd Martin. However he ran strongly and honestly for the 6.45km in 29:44 and was rewarded with the Webb Shield. Moa Life member Barry Masters presented the shield and noted its interesting history. “This shield was donated by the first Feilding Moa club president Mr Harry Webb in the inaugural year of the club 1939. It was thought to have been lost for good in 1948, however was returned to the club 25 years later in 1973 after someone located it during a house move”. Another interesting fact Robert Dabb notes is that two past winners, Steve Hodson (1990) and Heath Reynolds (1994) have children running at the club this year.

A large field of women raced 6.45km, and it was back marker Tamara Reed, beginning on a 16:05 handicap who managed to work her way through the entire field, passing Shirley Fotheringham and Vanessa Davey in the last 500 metres, In doing so she won the Reynolds Cup. Reed had the fastest time of 30:07 with Juanita Paterson 31:56.

Senior men did four lap, 8.6km, contesting the Fagan Brothers Cup. It was Shane Reed starting off a 36:15 handicap who prevailed in 1:15:11, getting by five runners in the final 500 metres, including Jason Lightfoot (off 23 minutes) in the final straight to secure the win by the narrow margin of six seconds. The Mens handicapper Peter Blackwood would be pleased with the tight grouping of finishers, seeing the first twelve runners within two minutes of each other despite around 20 minutes difference in start times. Fastest time went to visitor AJ Cornwall in 36:58 from Paul Wasley 38:50 and Reed 38:56.

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