26th August Turkey Trot results

Results as announced at Saturdays Turkey Trot have been rerun through the computer and we have a new winner!

Jo Speary with a time differential of just 4 seconds has come out on top. A typo on Saturday saw Bruce Mulcock relegated from a 2 second difference to 5th place at 15 seconds.  Full results in time difference order are here:  26 Aug Turkey Trot

Attendees had a choice of 3km, 6km or 9km and had to estimate their time, then see how well they could hit that mark – but without the aid of a watch or device.

Paul Bond was second on 8 seconds followed by Lucy Evans and Mark Thompson both on 14 seconds.  An amazing 18 people judged pace to within 1 minute of their estimated time.

At the “Turkey” end of the field, it looked like it might be a no contest with young Kaden Reynolds estimated he would break the Olympic record and do 3km in 7:00 minutes. However he was headed in by Brad Pearson on an 8:15 difference – suspect Brad may have been slowed somewhat on Lap 1 with some minimoa duties.

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