2nd September Mt Stewart Silos handicap Race

Final results are posted below

02 Sept Mt Stewart silos RESULTS

Most races were a handicappers dream with the fields all closing up on each other towards the last 300 metres, almost resembling a pack run as everyone vied to get to the line first.

In the Girls 1.8km a vastly improved run from Sophie Petch saw her clinch the win from Ciarra and Daniella Rochester who again had their best runs of the season. Fastest time went to Hayley Cornwall at 3:47/km.

In the boys, it was a 1 second win to Lucas Reed over Tyler Mumby. Tyler started 15 seconds behind Lucas and got oh so very close to the win. Ben Petch and Kaden Reynolds fought out third and fourth, with just 2 seconds between them. Fastest time was Reaben Duker at 3:52/km.

The Colts saw Andre Le Pine-Day start 50 seconds ahead of Benjamin Wall and more or less say catch me if you can over the three laps, 5.4km. While Bejamin did close the gap, Andre had a comfortable 19 second margin at the finish and was second fastest overall in 19:52 to Benjamins 19:21 (3:35/km)

One second is all the prevented Claire Scott from beating Rachel Allen in the womens 5.4km. Claire had to over come a 1 minute deficit, but like Tyler in the boys race, just dipped out to the determined finish of Rachel. Fastest time was Jo Speary at 4:52/km.

Sam Bentham cleared out to a big lead in the mens 7.2km. Top pints however goto the first club members in Uniform and this was Paul Wasley, though again just 1 second between him and jim Mcntyre –  a walker. Jim started on scratch while Paul was off a 28 min 40 sec handicap. Now that’s quite some display of handicapping skill from Peter Blackwood!

Fastest time was Sam Bentham at 3:42/km for the four laps.

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