7th May Woodruffe Cup results

Another great day of cross country racing.

Woodruffe Cup results are below. The Woodruffe Cups alternate between being based on Handicap one year and Scratch (fastest time) the next. This year was a scratch race

RESULTS: 7 May Woodruffe Cups

An important part of the Feilding Moa annual program is the earning of handicap points based on performance at many of our races. Points are tallied during the year and the winners of each grade announced on 24th September at our final run. Observant sorts can figure out that attending a race is more likely to gain you points than non-attendance, thus the your personal points tally rewards a balance of performance improvement and turning up. This week points were awarded on a Sealed Handicap assessment from our three capable handicappers.

Sealed handicap results: 7 May Sealed handicap result

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