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Moa’s aplenty at Manawatu Striders Marathon

Moa’s aplenty at Manawatu Striders Marathon

More than 40 Moa members took part in the Manawatu Striders Marathon, Half, 10km and 5km on Sunday 29th May, not letting a bit of rain spoil some fantastic performances, from the Kids Marafun through to 5km, 10km, half marathon and the full 42.2km Marathon.

Perry Newburn 3:47:51
Matthew Schipper 3:52:11
Rob Henderson 4:53:12
Pat Stichbury 4:55:02 “I didn’t walk once”
Tammy Reed 1:32:07 3rd Female
Dave Scott 1:35:48
Rob Duff 1:37:12
Steve Hirschberg 1:39:09 3 minute PB!
Peter Turner 1:42:42
Kate Downie-Melrose 1:47:00
Mike Ives 1:52:03
Kevin Palmer 1:52:17
Jason Lightfoot 1:58:20 1st time under 2 hours!
Jo Coxon 1:59:22 Half Marathon number 1, PB!
Lorraine Edgar 2:14:58
10 KM
Bryce Hirschberg 0:37:03 3rd male
Tessa Webb 0:38:49 1st female & PB
Rob Dabb 0:41:40
Jaimee Leader 0:42:17
Peter Coxon 0:43:15
Darren Hirschberg 0:44:35
Lindy Purdy 0:48:32
Janelle Wierenga 0:49:01
Cheryl Hirschberg 0:50:18
Rachel Hannah 0:50:25
Lily Alabaster 0:51:47
5 KM
David Martin 0:18:25 1st Male
Andy Martin 0:20:36
Bella Ives 0:21:38 1st Female – at just 11 yrs old
Hayley Cornwall 0:21:40
AJ Cornwall 0:21:40
Lucy Evans 0:22:45
Jessie Coxon 0:27:00
Abby Ives 0:27:43
Fleur Alabaster 0:28:32
Liam Jefferies 0:31:38
Susan Newlands 0:31:43
Shaan Mocke 0:37:31
Tayla Cornwall 0:37:44
Sharon Rawlinson 0:38:52


The above results total 580.9km and 52 hours 4 minutes 23 seconds of effort at an average pace of 5:23/km. Thats about the distance between Massey University’s Palmerston North and Alabany campuses PLUS an extra marathon on top.

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