2015 Feilding Marathon results

Full Results (revised 5pm 8/11/15): 

2015 Feilding Marathon result

Nearly 300 people took part in last Saturdays Feilding Marathon and other support events. Of these 40 did the Marathon (42.2km) run or walk.

It was repeat wins to Valentino Luna-Hernandez of Wellington in the Run and Denise Brunskill of Manawatu Striders in the womens walk.
Hernandez was kept in close company during the first half of the race by Wellington team mate Hooman Bahreini and Michigan visitor Adam Kimble. However as with 2014, he proved stronger in the final 10km going on to win in 2 hours 54 minutes 17 seconds. “Yes, it was slower than my 2:47 win last year but I have not been able to put in the quality mileage this year, but I plan to be back next fitter and stronger next” said Hernandez after the race.
His partner also took part, completing the half marathon walk despite being five months pregnant.

The Marathon walk was dominated by Manawatu Striders. Bruce Fife was fastest overall in 4:58, and together with Denise Brunskill (5:06:35) and Evan Davies (5:20:12) took home the Leahy Cup for walk teams.
The Trevor Ludeman Cup for run teams was retained by Feilding Moa through the efforts of Perry Newburn (3:48:13), Peter Griffin (4:04:44) and first time marathoner Darren Parlato (4:23:31). Newburn also won the Presidents Cup for first Manawatu District finisher.

Another to debut in the marathon was Laura Harvey from Pahiatua, finishing in 3:53:31, second in the womens run to Ingrid Frost (Auckland YMCA) who backed up a 3:24 at the Auckland Marathon just six days previous with a 3:36:55 for the win today. Frost has now won Feilding an impressive six times.

A new trophy was introduced to the event this year. At the 2014 Feilding Marathon Averil Sheehan walked her 100th Marathon. Sadly Averil passed away earlier this year after a short illness. Her husband John presented a trophy in her memory, this being awarded to the walker who best displays the tenacious never-give-up attitude always seen from Averil. The inaugural winner is Francis Wilson of Marton, who but for a recent health scare would have been Walking todays marathon 50 years after first running it. Today he walked the 10km in 1 hour 40 minutes.

RESULTS (first three placegetters)

Marathon Walk
1 Bruce Fife (Striders) 4:58:21, 2 Dougal Clarke (PN) 5:04:46, 3 Evan Davies (Striders) 5:20:10
1 Denise Brunskill (Striders) 5:06:35 2 Chris Leahy (HuttVMC) 5:43:52 3 Mel Tuineau (YMCA) 7:12:39
Marathon Run
1 Valentino Luna(Wellington Scottish) 2:54:10, 2 Adam Kimble (Michigan) 2:59:08, 3 Hooman Bahreini (Wellington SCottish) 3:08:24
1 Ingrid Frost (YMCA) 3:36:55, 2 Laura Harvey (Pahiatua) 3:53:31, 3 Marian Hilder (Striders) 4:29:04,
Half Marathon Walk
1 Ross Allen (Striders) 2:29:16, 2 Geoff Ryland 2:40:10, 3 Ross Campbell (PN) 2:43:03
1 Jocelyn Brill (Striders) 2:48:17, 2 Judie Kay 2:53:11, 3 Margaret Stuart (Striders) 2:54:29,
Half Marathon Run
1 Daniel Palfreyman (PN) 1:25:44, 2 Denis Owen 1:26:20, 3 Bryce Hirschberg (Feilding Moa) 1:29:50,
1 Tamara Reed (Feilding Moa) 1:30:02, 2 Juanita Paterson (Moa) 1:35:55, 3 Sharmian White (PN) 1:40:00
10km run
1 Sam Durrant (Tauranga) 38:46, 2 Ken Diekema (Auckland) 40:41, 3 Michael Gordon-Brown (Wellington) 44:09,
1 Nicola Burton 46:41, 2 Debbie Peterson (Hunterville) 50:59, 3 Helena Boston (Feilding Moa) 53:10,

10km walk
1 Robert Weir (Striders) 1:05:06, 2 Grant Rowan (MYfarm) 1:13:42, 3 Lindsay Wright (Striders) 1:19:19
2 Sharon Wright (Striders) 1:13:35, 2 Jocelyn Flintoff (Feilding) 1:13:42, 3 Rachelle Cocker (AllenMcneills) 1:19:25

5km run
1 Jack Finlay (Moa) 18:22, 3 Darren Hirschberg (Moa) 20:07, 3 William Harris (Feilding) 22:57
1 Tessa Webb (Moa) 19:16, 2 Jaimee Leader (Moa) 20:17, 8 Lily Alabaster (Wanganui Harriers) 23:47

5km walk
1 John Stuart (Striders) 44:37, 2 Nic Symes (MYfarm) 49:06, 3= Jo Terry (MYfarm) 49:13, 3= Sarah McVerry (MYfarm)

Presidents Cup for first local in the Marathon: Perry Newburn

Averil Sheehan Memorial Cup for walkers: Francis Wilson

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