26 May Woodruffe Cups XC Results

See full results below. These are in fastest time order, with Sealed handicap times and placings in the two right hand columns.

RESULTS here >> 26 May 2018 Woodruffe Cups XC

Heavy courses such as we faced today tend to favour the stronger and more experienced runners. Using a shorter stride and a good leg turnover rate over boggy ground is important. It was therefore no surprise that the sealed handicap honours, in the main, went to the faster runners. For example:

Men: Nick Johnston 2nd overall and 1st on handicap. David Martin 3rd and 2nd. Josh Dunstan-Brown 4th and 4th.

Women: Cheryl Hircshberg  4th overall, 1st on handicap (Juanita 1st and 2nd)

Boys: Tyler Hodson 3rd and 1st

Girls: Abby Ives 6th and 1st

Junior women: Tessa Webb 1st overall and 2nd on handicap

Colts: Liam Wall 3rd overall (4 secs off the winner), 1st on handicap

Markers mark the course:  The markers are there for a reason. Today the Club Captain applied 30 second penalties to several runners, reported by more than one other runner, to have missed a “gate” – and in effect shorten the course. For a couple of these it was on the second or third lap, so a lapse of concentration as the body tires

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