8th August Turkey Trot to Ives

Mike Ives in his first run after a month or two of injury paced his 1.9km run to within 14 seconds of his estimate. The “Turkey Trot” is an estimated time run, with watches left behind. There was the choice of one lap (1.9km) to 5 laps (9.5km). Youngest finisher in the 1.9km was 41/2 year old Duncan McIntrye – ran the whole way, no walking at all – in 14:18 which blew his (well, my) estimate of 18 minutes apart.

Results in order of difference (+ or -) :

14 seconds Mike Ives; 17s Pat Stichbury, 24s Kevin Rolls, 37s Abby Ives, 40s Kate Wasley, 45s Ashley Gurney, 48s Bella Ives, 1:05 Arnya Burema, 1:26 Brad Pearson, 1.27 Lucy Evans, 1:35 Skye Burema, 2:01 Millie Evans, 2:11 Jaimee Leader, 2:19 Nelson Doolan, 3:23 Paul Wasley, 3:24 dave Walters, 3:42 Duncan & Rosie McIntyre, 3:51 Helena Boston, 4:27 Shirley Fotheringham, 4:31 Eden Goodwin, 8:28 Lucy McIntyre, 8:41 Rob Dabb 8:41 (a bit too fast, oops..)

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