16 May Banners XC Race report & results

Banners 16 May startOn 16th May it was a handicap race on Mike and Raewyn Banners farm near Halcombe. and a Muddy good days racing by all – I jumped in the shower clothes and all afterwards!

Results link below. First column is the sealed handicap times in order, second column the actual run/walk time.  See results here > 16 May Banners XC 2015

The boys and girls did one lap of the 2.7km course, which after the recent rain was soft and muddy underfoot. After nervously tiptoeing through the mud to the start line, once the gun went, the fears of getting muddy or wet disappeared and the pace was on. Travis Morley won the boys on handicap in 8 minutes 11 seconds from Alex Willis 8:43 and Lucas Reed 9:46. Fastest overall time went to Liam Wall in 11:06.

Kate Wasley with the benefit of home ground advantage, being her grandparents farm, put in a great effort to win on handicap and also post the fastest time among the girls of 13:36.  Eden Goodwin and Jorja Bacchus were next on handicap.

Junior women did two laps, 5.4km, and saw the second trophy in as many weeks to Tessa Webb with Madison Keightley second. Tessa’s actual time was 24:07. The Colts section is extremely competitive this season so it took a supreme effort for David Martin to run the 5.4km in overall fastest time of 21:28 and to also secure the win on handicap in 46:58 with Karl Werner 47:14, Adam Martin and Sam Phillips third equal on 47:49.

Women also ran 5.4km, the handicap win going to Shirley Fotheringham in 48:27 from the previous weeks trophy winner Helena Boston 47:38 and Andrena Clarke 49:28. Fastest time was Tamara Reed 26:36 from Clarke 27:18.

The mens race over three laps, 8.1km, showed Dave Walters was over a leg injury that has been hampering him for a few months. He was third fastest overall and won the handicap trophy in 30:00 from Matthew Schipper 30:40 and Ashley Phillips 30:55 who stormed home over the final lap – a new pair of spikes proving more than useful in the trying conditions. Fastest time went to Niam Macdonald 31:21 from Shane Reed 31:37.

Niam Macdonald then traveled to Wellington the next day and won the Mt Lowry Challenge 12km trail run at Days Bay. Robert Dabb also competed and won the Mens 50 plus grade.

The next major event on the Moa cross country calendar is the Hughes Memorial Cross Country races at Hawera Showgrounds on Saturday 30th May. Let Rob Dabb know if you are wanting to be entered email: feildingmoa@gmail.com

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