2015 Cross Country Champs 27 June

An excellent afternoon of cross country running. Results are here: 27 June Moa XC champs Kiwitea Results

Congratulations to the 2015 Club Champions

Girls, Bella Ives.  Boys, Liam Wall

Junior women, Tessa Webb. Colts, Davyd Martin.  Junior men, Jack Finlay

Women, Juanita Paterson

Senior men, Shane Reed.  Men 35-49, Dave Walters. Men 50+, Robert Dabb

Sealed handicap grade winners:

Girls: 1. Amber Duthie, 2. Sophia Duthie, 3. Lara Bacchus

Boys: 1. Travis Morley 2. Peter Coxon 3. Angus Paterson

J/Women: Tessa Webb     Colts: Karl Werner

Women: 1. Helena Boston 2. Juanita Paterson 3. Shirley Fotheringham

Men: 1. Mark Evans 2. Matthew Schipper  3. Dave Walters

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